Why I'm Running

I am running for Healdsburg City Council to unite our community and inspire more participation in city government. Making the public process more accessible and relevant to everyday people will ensure the democratic process is inclusive as we continue to strengthen our community.

Throughout my career, I have been drawn to challenging problems, such as working to narrow the achievement gap and advocating for equal opportunities for students with autism. As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I understand how people are motivated and create contingencies to incentivize desired results. I assess difficult situations and involve stakeholders in the problem-solving process while proposing a sustainable solution. As a city council member and decision maker, I will use this analytical approach while prioritizing community input.

I will lead with a fresh perspective and commitment to working for the common good. I have a track record of building bridges between constituents with diverse viewpoints. I believe listening to all sides of each issue is critical to building trust and ensuring a transparent and collaborative decision-making process. As a Teach for America teacher, I balanced patience and tenacity to lead policy changes within my school system. I successfully advocated for the special education students to be included in school-wide projects and recognized as a vital part of the school community.

I believe people of all ages and economic backgrounds belong in Healdsburg. I recognize a lack of rental housing and the rising cost of living are difficult barriers achieving the vision of a diverse and collaborative community. As a member of the Community Housing Commission, I became well-versed in the challenges in creating the housing our community wants and needs. As a council member, I will take the leadership to pursue specific actions to help alleviate the housing crisis and create opportunities for more diversity in our community. I will continue to focus on housing, as it is critical to equalizing the playing field and ensuring we have a vibrant community in years to come.

I am eager to converse with you to learn your priorities and concerns. Reach out to me for a one-to-one or attend one of my events. I am eager to have an honest conversation about Healdsburg and how we, the people, can impact our future. I look forward to meeting each of you. Please remember to vote for me on June 6, 2017.